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Devilian 1.3: Fury of the Tempest has launched, adding two new Archdevil dungeons, level 54 gear sets, a new Raid dungeon, and the Tempest class. While the update is largely free, access to the Tempest class costs $9.99. Locking an additional class behind a paywall isn't nefarious, but it is missing an opportunity to lure players back to the game who grew tired of the available classes.

The heels-toting Tempest does offer stylistic move-sets to reinvigorate my interest in Devilian. But the update's launch is poorly timed. It is facing stiff competition in light ofBlack Desert Online's CBT2 playtest.

Since launching in December, 2015 Devilian has seen a steady decrease in its population, according to SteamCharts. Perhaps, the update will see those numbers rise once again. We'll know whether or not the Fury of the Tempest is enough to breathe new life into Devilian in the next week.

Watch the Fury of the Tempest Launch Trailer below, and, if interested, head to the Devilian website to purchase the Tempest class.


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