•   ico Name: Simon IP:96.38.*.* 2014/5/14 16:46:23

    Well done, very fast :)

  •   ico Name: Jimmy IP:92.239.*.* 2013/12/9 16:45:06

    Great service, I will certainly use it again

  •   ico Name: Mark IP:0.0.*.* 2013/10/3 2:06:39

    Awesome service. i like them

  •   ico Name: Anonymous IP:84.170.*.* 2012/9/15 12:23:40

    Overall, this site had the cheapest prices. At first I was kinda sceptic because of the whole online trade stuff. But after doing it I did it again and again lol. I love this site. These guys have never let me down.

  •   ico Name: Patricio IP:186.178.*.* 2012/6/13 11:37:28

    Nice service, pretty honest people. Expect future purchases from me.

  •   ico Name: Chris IP:92.239.*.* 2011/5/22 22:51:41

    Really good service, fast and easy!

  •   ico Name: Templar IP:96.38.*.* 2011/4/22 2:41:16

    Was very happy with speed and service. Thanks!

  •   ico Name: Maurice Ayala IP:66.31.*.* 2011/4/3 6:15:37

    I was wary with purchasing from this site because I had been scammed before and the prices were so low. But I thought "what the heck" and ordered 20k just to try it out. I received my gold in 20 mins! and they even met me close to where I was.The player who met me was very nice and professional and I am extremely grateful for the service. I am going to be purchasing from this site several more times now.

  •   ico Name: DF IP:92.12.*.* 2011/3/28 6:16:36

    This service was AMAZING! like 5 minutes after purchase i was contacted in-game, within 15 I received what I ordered. Very Quick & Professional service - Thanks.

  •   ico Name: Dont spoil my games IP:86.134.*.* 2011/3/10 1:31:57

    Had enough with these types of idiots spoiling my servers with spam, DONT buy from them they use tricks bots and hacks and try to sell you gold from other peoples accounts and its 100% against all game rules dont spoil the games you love with that type of gold buying rubbish!, and go and get a real job to all gold selling idiots.

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