•   ico Name: IP:141.101.*.* 2018/1/4 7:16:15

    quick and cheap

  •   ico Name: IP:50.46.*.* 2015/11/26 4:48:21

    Awesome service. They forgot to include my bonus and immediately called to correct. Within 10 minutes we had the mistake corrected and I got my order without problem.

  •   ico Name: Andy IP:23.247.*.* 2015/10/7 9:59:31

    I visited quite a few sites and your site is the only one that provides best customer service. Also delivery was made within the time as promised. Thanks.

  •   ico Name: Zach IP:95.150.*.* 2015/10/7 9:57:08

    Awesome!!Many thanks! Always a pleasure to deal with Belrion team

  •   ico Name: Justin IP:99.198.*.* 2015/10/1 19:08:30

    I have bought the ffxiv gil on your website for such a long time. Never have a problem with the delivery, just sometimes will be delayed for a short time. But most time your delivery is instant.

  •   ico Name: Damian IP:0.0.*.* 2015/9/6 10:48:09

    Please give Carol raise she has been so awesome!

  •   ico Name: Carlos IP:96.38.*.* 2015/5/30 15:39:48

    Rose is great, I like the service here

  •   ico Name: Carthy IP:96.38.*.* 2014/8/23 15:38:42

    Nice Customer rep, cheap and fast delivery :)

  •   ico Name: Simon IP:96.38.*.* 2014/5/14 16:46:23

    Well done, very fast :)

  •   ico Name: Jimmy IP:92.239.*.* 2013/12/9 16:45:06

    Great service, I will certainly use it again

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