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"Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) is set in the fantasy world called Vana`diel where various quests can be performed in developing characters. And character development is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game as FFXI features a number of different character classes inspired by the Final Fantasy series. The only monsters that drop Gil (the in-game currency) when defeated are the Beastmen. However, the Gil dropped by these monsters is in very small amounts, making it very difficult to earn FFXI Gil. This is where BELRION can help in making your gaming a more enjoyable experience. We offer cheap FFXI Gil for adventurers in FFXI. Buy FFXI Gil at, we offer the lowest prices in the industry for Final Fantasy XI Gil through the most secure virtual trading network on the web. As of May 9, 2011 there are currently 17 active servers. 16 of them are standard servers used by the public, while the test server Atomos is used for testing experimental features and hypothetical scenarios, and is available only to approved testers and GMs. Servers may be made temporarily unavailable for maintenance, emergency issues, and updates. The Japanese Server Status and US Server Status pages on the PlayOnline FFXI website will allow players to stay up to date with the status of the servers. Important Note: Beware of gold fraud who claim to be Belrion reps in game that ask buyers to return the gold he bought for some reasons. PLEASE BE ALERT! WE WILL NEVER ASK CUSTOMERS TO RETURN ANY GIL AFTER DELIVERY FOR ANY REASON! If you encounter such request, please log off your game character and verify with our live help reps." We have stock on ALL servers, unlike other sites, they ask vendors/supplier to deliver for them. We guaranteed the delivery will be made in 10-30minutes. If you don't receive the gil within 30 minutes, please do contact the live help to check the order status.
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